Periodontal disease affects the gums of the teeth and these issues present a major obstacle to having healthy teeth. Gingivitis is a common infection that damages the gum tissue. Gums can begin to recede and this will prevent teeth from performing their daily functions such as chewing. Gum disease is generally caused by poor dental hygiene and scarce monitoring of the teeth, which is why it is imperative to treat these issues as soon as they arise – and your Chino dentist can help.

Gum disease can have other lasting effects on your health. The results include tooth loss, oral decay, infections, bleeding of the gums, and even heart disease. Pregnancies also create hormonal changes that may increase the risk of developing gingivitis and periodontitis. A term known as “pregnancy gingivitis” emerged to refer to the 50% probability of pregnant women developing the disease.

Priority Dental Group in Chino can efficiently treat your periodontal diseases as soon as they emerge. Our experts have the tools and experience to eliminate these diseases and get you back to having a healthy smile!

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