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What is a Root Canal?

At Priority Dental Group in Chino, root canal treatments are done by our dentist who is a root canal pro. A root canal is where the pulp and nerve are removed from a dying tooth in order to prevent infection and resolve pain.

Every tooth consists of three different layers. The outermost and hardest layer is enamel, and the second layer is dentin. The third is pulp, which is the cavernous space where the live tissue and nerve of each tooth is located.

If for any reason the pulp space is exposed to the outside, the tissue becomes contaminated and eventually infected. The exposure of pulp happens in many circumstances, such as when you have a large cavity or a fractured tooth. Your dentist can explain the exact reason for damage to this tissue. In these cases, the treatment is usually root canal treatment.

If you experience swelling or tenderness of the gums, severe pain, chronic sensitivity in a tooth from hot or cold temperatures, you should contact us because you may be a candidate for a root canal.

The pulp can be damaged in many ways but the most common are:

  • Cracked or chipped tooth
  • Decayed tooth
  • More than one dental procedure on a single tooth
  • Facial injury

Root canals are known to be terribly painful but the truth is it’s not as painful as everyone makes it seem. Patients have described the pain of a root canal to getting a dental filling. At Priority Dental Group we take every precaution to make the procedure virtually painless.

After the procedure you will experience some sensitivity, but it should go away in a day or two. The root canal treatment itself can take two to three visits, but once it’s all over you will be free from severe pain and chronic sensitivity.

If you have any questions about root canal treatments and you live in Chino or surrounding area, please give us a call at (909) 627-7977 today to schedule an appointment!